Travel Through Books, Beginning the Journey

I love to travel. In fact, it’s probably my favorite thing to do! Part of why I enjoy travel so much is that I relish learning more about history, customs, and culture that differ from my own.

Having grown up in West Virginia before moving to New York City, it’s always been surprising to me how different life and cultures can be, even within one’s own country. To leave your country, though…the differences you see and encounter are sometimes exponential. And I thrive on every second of that learning experience!

Unfortunately, the COVID pandemic has upended my travel plans this year (and I’m sure many of your plans as well). Luckily for me, though, I also happen to really love books. And even when you can’t physically travel, you can still enjoy a wondrous escape through a book.

So, while we’re stuck here waiting out this pandemic, I’ve been to several states and many, many countries – all through words on the page. And now, I want to invite you to travel the world with me!

I hope you’ll find some recommendations on this site that will allow you to learn something new and broaden your horizons a bit. With a book, you can travel the world without leaving home!

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